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Castro, Janet Bandu To Be Legally ‘Proclaimed Dead’ In July

Castro, Janet Bandu To Be Legally ‘Proclaimed Dead’ In July

Hip Life act, Castro, and his female companion Janet Bandu, will early July 2021 be lawfully ‘announced dead’ seven years after they vanished on a Jet Ski on the Ada River.

Castro, conceived Theophilus Tagoe, along with Janet Bandu, vanished close to the estuary at Ada while fly skiing on the Volta River.

Their vanishing brought up a great deal of issues about whether they were in any condition, after all endeavors to discover their bodies demonstrated vain.

NEWSONE examinations uncovered that when somebody suffocates in any water body, the dead body ought to be washed back to the banks following three days. In any case, in the Castro and Janet occurrence, no bodies were found till date.

A few people have asserted that they had seen Castro in Togo. Others say he has been stowing away in Takoradi,while some accept he is dead.

By law in Ghana, an individual can be announced dead by a court following seven years of vanishing.

The Evidence Act of 1975, Section 33, states that an individual must be proclaimed lawfully dead following seven years by a court, where the individual being referred to has not been seen or heard from in seven years regardless of steady and industrious endeavors to discover him.

After July 6, 2021, Castro and Janet will be considered as left spirits. They are presently don’t part of the living by laws of Ghana.

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