Monday, September 25, 2023

E-Levy Wahala: Joselyn Dumas joins ‘anti-e-levy’ campaign

Many people have stood against the Electronic Transaction levy (E-levy) controversy, including Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, Diana Hamilton and others. Given this, Ghanaian television host and actress Joselyn Dumas also decided to add up her voice to the crowd.

She complained on Twitter that Ghanaians have already been taxed for so many utilities, including Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), goods and services. Yet, the country is still in deep debt. She also does not see the need for the E-levy in these difficult times as she questioned the government on what they use our taxes for.

Joselyn Dumas twittered, “We’re being taxed for so many things utility bills, goods and services, company operations (GRA) etc… So, where does the money go? Yet we owe. Then the #E-levy?… in such obviously hard times?”

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