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Eight things you should never let inside your vagina.

Vaginas are great and the only part of your body that cleans itself. But even with that, there are certain things that you need to keep OUT of your genitalia for it to do its job, that is, to stay fresh and healthy

  • Yoni pearls.

These cloth-covered balls, also known as, vagina detox pearls are highly sought after by females who aim to ‘cleanse’ their vaginas with natural remedies.

Well, I am sorry to inform you but researchers say these pearls are highly unhealthy to your Vee Vee.

8 things you should never allow into your vagina

This is because when you “detox” or “cleanse” your vagina with yoni pearls (or any other remedy, like douches, steaming, or jade eggs), you can kill the natural bacteria inside your vagina that protects it from infections and balances the pH.

So dear girl, the next time you decide to detox your vagina with these cloth pearls, you should pause for a minute and reconsider your decision. If you feel your vagina is emitting an unusual scent, visit a gynaecologist.

  • Fruit and Vegetables.

Organic masturbation is the “ish” amongst females now. When you google it, you will have endless sites giving you tips and recommendations on how to satisfy your sexual urges all by yourself.

Sadly, inserting fruits and vegetables [carrots, banana, cucumber, garlic] into your vagina is very harmful.

8 things you should never allow into your vagina

There are a variety of bacteria and pesticides that we expose our vagina to when we insert these in there.

  • Chocolate and Whipped Cream

As part of efforts to make both parties fully satisfied during sex, many things are explored by them. Chocolate and whipped cream are applied to various parts of the body to make the ‘licking’ game more enticing.

8 things you should never allow into your vagina

Though the idea of your partner eating these off you may sound exciting, studies show that putting sugary products in the vagina changes its bacteria and yeast proportions which may cause infections.

  • Yogurt

It is assumed that inserting scoops of raw yoghurt into your vagina restores its pH levels. Hope you get this myth behind you by the time you finish reading this write-up.

8 things you should never allow into your vagina

Know that the only place yoghurt is supposed to go to is the mouth and nowhere else.

  • Oil-based products.

Products such as Vaseline, baby oil, tea tree oil, and olive oil are often used as lubricants during sex. However, this is highly dangerous since these petroleum products may expose your vagina to infections.

8 things you should never allow into your vagina

Alternatively, you can use water NOT saliva, to ease the friction during sex.

  • Soap

Using soap to wash the pink carnal is the most disguised form of harm because it can be extremely detrimental to a lady’s health.

8 things you should never allow into your vagina

Washing your beaver with soap reduces the vagina’s natural bacteria and is even known to cause bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and pelvic inflammatory disease, among other diseases.

  • Steam

Sitting down on a bowl of hot water to ‘clean your v-jay-jay is unsafe and can be harmful. In worst-case scenario your vagina can burn. Don’t do it!!!

8 things you should never allow into your vagina
  • Penis of a man you don’t trust

When you get close to someone, there is this vibe you get. Always trust your instinct when they question the loyalty of the guy’s penis.

So if you feel the slightest hint that you don’t trust the genitalia of your prospective sexual partner, then don’t allow him into your pink canal.


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