Wednesday, September 27, 2023

We’ll pass anti-gay bill to shame the devil – Sam George

The anti-gay bill that is currently before Parliament will certainly be passed into law, one of the sponsors of the bill, Samuel Nartey George, who is also Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampam has said.

The Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of Parliament is currently holding public hearing on the bill as part of the process to get it passed.

Whereas the bill has been welcomed by some Ghanaians especially the clergy, it has also met opposition from others.

For example, the intersex community in Ghana is asking Parliament to strike them out of the controversial bill.

According to the community, their conditions are biological rather than sexual and thus, cannot be criminalized.

Addressing the 3rd public hearing of the committee on the bill in Parliament on Thursday February 17, Director of Key Watch Ghana Shun Adjei demanded clauses in the bill inimical to the rights of the intersex community.

“The bill seeks to join us, intersex persons, to a group of sexual identity and orientation and we are not happy about that because we are not a sexuality. We are a biological manifestation. Being intersex is a natural manifestation of the body’s diversities in the human species and not a sexuality or sexual orientation.

“This bill seeks to prohibit organizations such as ours from providing support of any kind . This bill seeks to force surgeries and treatment in intersex persons infants and also enforce a culture of silence.”

But speaking on the New Day show on TV3 Monday February 21 with Johnnie Hughes, Sam George said “I am absolutely confident that the bill will be passed. We will pass to to the gory of God and we will pass it to shame the devil.”

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