Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Rebel Tories consider forcing chief whip to turn over emails and texts – report

Some Tory MPs have discussed using subject access requests to force chief whip Mark Spencer to hand over communications, in an attempt to prove claims of blackmailing and intimidation, according to The Times.

Last week, Conservative MP William Wragg accused Tory whips of using blackmailing to round up support for the government.

The government has denied the allegations and some Tory MPs have said they have seen no evidence of such claims.

But a group of rebels reportedly believe sending subject access requests would force Mr Spencer to give up any messages, emails and texts discussing potential consequences for disloyalty.

MPs must comply with subject access requests because it uses data protection law to demand personal data an organization holds on individuals.

Subject access requests are filed by the person in question and any data on them is handed over.

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