Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Since the government discontinued the collecting of road tolls, Minister of Roads and Highways Kwasi Amoako-Attah has revealed that tollbooths around the nation would be repurposed for another public purpose.

Toll collecting was abolished throughout the nation in the government’s 2022 budget. The sudden stoppage of tolls was prompted by an order from the sector minister, even before the budget was approved by Parliament, an act that many, including the minority in Parliament, regarded as illegal.


Since the tolls were abolished, the tollbooths have been abandoned. Many people were concerned, and the National Traffic Safety Authority (NRSA) urged the government to dismantle the buildings for road safety reasons. However, it seems that the government has other ideas for the abandoned buildings.


The tollbooth, according to Mr. Amoako-Attah, will be utilized for public urinals.


“We even want to remodel all tollbooth buildings to offer suitable and good washrooms for the use of motorists so that we can urge them to cease from the practice where automobiles stop on the highway and people get down to wee-wee as we typically witness,” he added.


However, has confirmed that the tollbooths are still in the same condition as they were in November of last year.

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