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Adele surprises fans with FaceTime calls after postponing Las Vegas residency

‘I’ll fly you in to see me on-stage and we’ll have a photo together,’ the singer promised one superfan

Adele breaks down in tears as she announces tour cancellation

Adele has surprised her fans with personal FaceTime calls after postponing her Las Vegas residencyWeekends with Adele.

On Thursday (20 January), the “Easy On Me” singer posted a teary-eyed video, announcing that Covid-related delays were forcing her to reschedule all of her Las Vegas shows, which had been scheduled to begin on Friday (21 January).

“I’m so sorry, but my show ain’t ready,” she said in the video.

Fans who bought expensive tickets to the shows were furious with Adele for postponing last minute, citing wasted vacation days, long flights, and months of planning in their complaints.

Others, however, said the singer was being too hard on herself.

One such fan, Eleni Sabracos posted a TikTok video on Saturday (22 January) detailing her bad luck trying to make it to an Adele concert.

In the video – which has received over 2.1 million likes – Sabracos revealed “Adele has cancelled every show I’ve tried to go for” including the final two shows of her world tour at Wembley stadium in London, and the Las Vegas shows that were announced last year.

Sabracos had T-shirts reading “I love Adele like Adele loves Beyoncé” custom made for the residency.

After Sabracos and other fans began posting TikTok videos from Las Vegas, members of Adele’s team began connecting them with the singer over FaceTime.

Sabracos posted an update on TikTok after her call with Adele, revealing that the singer had offered to fly her out for her next concert.

In the video, Sabracos can be heard apologising to Adele, to which the the singer replied: “Why are you sorry?”

“Because I feel for you,” Sabracos said, explaining that she understood Adele was doing everything she could over the canceled shows.

According to Sabracos’s update video, Adele consoled her and promised that they would have the opportunity to meet at a later concert.

“You pick a show, I’ll cover one of your passes, I’ll fly you in to see me on-stage and we’ll have a photo together,” the 34-year-old singer told Sabracos.

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