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Awards are not bad but it must not be the focus – KODA

Ghanaian Gospel Musician, Kofi Owusu Dua Anto, popularly known as KODA, has said that artistes receiving awards for their work is not bad in itself but when these artistes put so much focus on awards rather than their work, it becomes a great worry.

Speaking to Y97.9’s Chelsy Sey, on the ‘Ryse N Shyne’ show, he said: “Awards are not bad. When they are on the table, they are beautiful. It is something that is even in the Bible. When David was going to fight Goliath, you know the first question he asked? He asked, ‘What will be given to me when I throw this guy down? So there is nothing wrong in asking for the reward for a work done but if you make that the focus, then every time you are asking, ‘What do I get, what do I get?’ instead of concentrating on the work itself”.

KODA urged artistes to focus on making their works better rather than on awards.

“The farmer does not go on the farm the first day and say where are the fruits? Plant the thing, till the soil and over time, you will see it grow,” he explained.

KODA is known for many of his gospel songs which include the popular ‘Nsem Pii’ song.


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