Sunday, May 19, 2024

EC not rigging 2020 polls for NPP – Emmanuel Asante

The immediate past chairman of the National peace Council Most Rev Prof. Emmanuel Asante has described as unfortunate attacks on the credibility and neutrality of the Electoral Commission by opposition parties.

His comments come after incessant claims by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) that the EC chair and her deputies are hatching a hidden agenda to rig the elections for the ruling party.

He says the EC has worked hard to win the confidence of Ghanaians.

“look at what is happening in the USA. That is the reason why we should sit back and ask ourselves. From my perspective, the EC has been very transparent, they have always come out to explain things to the public,” he said at the launch of the peace summit of the Methodist Diocese.

“And I think you as the media must do your own investigations and find out, are they telling us the truth, are we to take what the political parties are saying?”

He went on “as far as I’m concerned, from the little that I know and I’ve had the privilege to know a little, I think they are transparent and they are doing the best that they can and I don’t think anybody is putting anything on the way to rig it for anybody, it’s not possible that way.”

“But you will always hear political parties doing this, but they have to do that to appeal to their followers some of who would not even bother to sit back and find out whether what their parties are saying is true. They are doing these to the detriment of the country and I wish they will respect the very country they want to rule and stop doing those kinds of things,” he added.


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