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Govt has rightly responded to Amidu, all other responses are individual opinions – Major Oduro

The Deputy Minister of Defence, Major Derrick Oduro has said that the government has rightly and truthfully responded to claims made by former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu and as such any other response by communicators are individual opinions.

He adds that sometimes these personal opinions of others do not reflect the views of government and as such, it should not be associated with the Akufo-Addo-led government.

In an interview with Samuel Eshun on the Happy Morning show, he divulged: “As for commentary and public opinion, everyone can participate but the Government has rightfully responded to Amidu. Unless it is necessary that the government must respond to Amidu on another matter.

As I speak to you, I speak what is on my mind. Sometimes some people may share what is on their mind and that does not agree with what the Government has said. It is the individual’s opinion. That does not mean they are speaking for the Government. The truth in the matter is what the Government has said, and that is what is really the truth”.

Mr. Martín Amidu, on Monday, 16th November 2020, tendered in his resignation in a letter addressed to the President where he stated among other things complaints of not receiving the needed support for his office to function.

The President, through his Secretary, Nana Bediatu Asante, responded to each claim made against him by Mr. Amidu. In a letter addressed to Mr. Amidu and signed by Mr. Asante, the Presidency gave detailed timelines of the funds that were made available by the Government of Ghana to the OSP to ensure its smooth operation.


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