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‘I lost my first son during Rawlings’s regime’ – Actor Emmanuel France

Nollywood actor Emmanuel France has revealed that he lost his first son during late former President Jerry John Rawlings’s era.

The actor in an interview with Blogger and journalist, Attractive Mustapha, revealed that he would have held grudges against the former president Rawlings but he has decided to forgive him.

According to the iconic movie actor, his son died out of hunger.

He further explained that during late President Rawlings’s regime, a serious hunger came upon Ghana which made living in the country very difficult as foodstuff was a scarce commodity through which he lost his son.

The veteran actor Emmanuel France, however, seems to be consoled by the fact that he has many children as he mentioned that he has eight children who are all based in Nigeria.

When asked if he and his children are Nigerians he answered that he is not a Nigerian and his children are also not Nigerians just that they are based in Nigeria.

“I am not a Nigerian and not a Ghanaian, so my children are not Nigerians and not Ghanaians, they are Gold Coastians.”



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