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“More filmmakers would go into creating shows for online TV in 2022,” says Peter Sedufia.

Many of his colleagues will be writing and producing television episodes and series for internet streaming platforms in 2022, according to renowned director Peter Sedufia.

According to him, movie life has been seriously impacted since the epidemic struck in 2020, and even if the ban on theaters has been removed in several countries, like Ghana, many people still choose to watch TV or use streaming services.

Mr. Sedufia said on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z on Saturday that as a result of this phenomena, demand for television programs and internet material has surged tremendously.

“Because the purchasers are purchasing more, manufacturers will now concentrate their efforts on creating for that medium.” It does not need a 50% audience (cinema capacity). Because of the number of people who will be based in the houses, this will actually increase the audience base,” he said.

Many producers and filmmakers have already been granted cash by Akwaaba TV (part of MultiChoice) to conceive and produce these TV series and feature films for the platform, according to the producer of “Aloe Vera.”

He told George Quaye, the host, that this phenomenon could have an impact on cinemas, especially since the same producers who are expected to create content for cinemas are also focused on television.

“The good news is that since the producers and directors are turning to premium TV platform commissioned projects, the free to air material from the producers and directors will be missing.” This is because they are now more concerned with who will pay them money than with who will ask for their stuff for free,” he stated.

Mr. Sedefia, on the other hand, argues that since free-to-air stations would be lacking in Ghanaian material, platform administrators would be forced to pay producers what they are worth for the content they need.

“They (Akwaaba TV) have gathered some of the best producers and directors in the nation, given them money, and they are now on set creating material for them.” It is now up to the free-to-air stations to say, “These folks are transferring their creative pieces to this side, why don’t we spend some money and commission them to generate material for us?”

Mr. Sedefia feels that this circumstance would result in competition, which will help the filmmakers.

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