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Our record will win us Odododioddoo seat – NPP’s Nii Lante Bannerman

Nii Lante Bannerman, the New Patriotic Party’s parliamentary candidate for Odododiodoo constituency has said that the party’s impressive performance will be the decider for them in the upcoming elections.

Nii Lante Bannerman is confident that NPP will emerge winners in the upcoming elections owing to their impactful policies and projects.

He noted that the NPP has undertaken various developmental projects in the area and that will sway votes in their favour.

He stated on Citi FM that the constituents have realized the difference between the NPP and NDC and will reward the party whose policies has affected them.

“I can tell you for a fact that it is possible to win this election again and we will win it. I believe strongly that this election is about track records,” he said.

“They know the difference between the two of us. The people of Odododiodoo know the difference between us,” he noted.

He discredited the achievements of the incumbent MP for the area Nii Lante Vanderuye and accused him of not doing much to solve the teething problems in the area.

He claimed that Nii Lante Vanderpuye has decided not to debate him because he is unable to defend his poor record.

“In the 8 years that he has been in office as MP for Odododiodoo, he has nothing to show. He has nothing at all to show. I have always wanted a debate with him. Any time there is a platform, he fails to show up. He has been lying his way all these years,” Nii Lante Bannerman indicated.

Odododiodoo which is one of the major flashpoints for the election is an NDC stronghold as the party has won it most.


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