Friday, May 17, 2024

Reason Why Kelvynboy Allegedly Molested Her Baby Mama Yesterday Finally Revealed

Kelvynboy has gotten himself caught up in the legal system after being jailed for allegedly assaulting his baby mom.

After his trial on Tuesday, Kelvynboy was taken into jail and spent the night in cells after his trial. He’ll return to court today to ask for bail.

Kelvynboy has been accused of beating his baby mother after she begged for money to care for one of their children who became unwell.

Kelvynboy’s alleged “abusive relationship” with his baby mom, Deborah, was revealed by prosecutors in court.

According to investigators, Kelvynboy reportedly attacked his baby mom throughout the bulk of their relationship.

Kelvynboy’s baby mama claims to have called the bank where they both had accounts and discovered that Kelvynboy had taken out all of their money.

She sought to contact him but was unable to do so. Deborah then noticed his car approaching and chased it down, only to learn that it was being driven by another woman.

When she inquired about Kelvynboy’s whereabouts, she said he rushed out of the house and assaulted her.

According to prosecutors, he shoved her down before standing on her ribcage.

He dragged her out of the home while thrashing her with an iron rod in the back and right hand!

Kelvynboy then sent his men to his baby mama’s store to confiscate her 32-inch Nasco television, speaker, and two couches, all of which he claims he bought for her.

Prosecutors think this is only one instance of Kelvynboy abusing the baby mom.

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