Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Savannah: Two suspected armed robbers killed

Two suspected armed robbers have been killed around Kong in the Savannah region.

An ID card on one of the suspects revealed his identity as Osman Issakah, 32.

Their bodies have since been deposited at the Damongo hospital for preservation and autopsy.

A police situational report on the incident said about four persons with physical signs of assault on their body reported at the Sawla District Police Station with two locally manufactured single barrel guns indicating that they had been attacked by some six gun and machete-wielding robbers while on their way to Tuna but they managed to overpower two of them and retrieved the weapons from them.

According to the complainants, the robbers took a total amount of GHS 10,200 from them.

“The operation conquer fist men were dispatched to the scene and found the two alleged robbers dead and also another single barrel gun was retrieved at the scene and same brought to Tuna station… One of the robbers had his health insurance in his pocket that revealed his name as Osman Issakah aged 32 years from Bole… The other is yet to be identified.”

The Police is urging the public to assist police with relevant information that could lead to the arrest of the other four alleged robbers who escaped.

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