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Spectators violated COVID Protocols at Hearts-Olympic game, why aren’t people complaining too? – Obiri Boahen

Spectators violated COVID Protocols at Hearts-Olympic game, why aren’t people complaining too? – Obiri Boahen

Agent General Secretary of the overseeing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nana Obiri Boahen has mounted a solid guard of the non-adherence to Covid-19 conventions at the memorial service function of the late CEO of the Forestry Commission (FC) Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie (Sir John).

Mr Obiri Boahen disclosed to Dzifa Bampoh on the First Take on 3FM Monday June 7 that the majority of individuals in participation noticed every one of the conventions during the occasion.

On the off chance that a few people supposedly had abused the conventions, he said, they ought to be managed as per law as people, yet not to fault the coordinators of the memorial service.

“The president was there and he noticed the COVID-19 conventions, the Vice President was there he noticed the conventions, the Chief of Staff was there she noticed the conventions, Nana Obiri Boahen was there the following day he noticed the conventions. So if an individual neglects to notice the COVID-19 conventions the individual should be held liable.

“John Boadu did, Asiedu Nketia noticed the conventions. A great deal of NDC activists were there and a ton of them noticed the conventions so where do you set out to accuse the New Patriotic Party and the public authority.

“On the off chance that an individual mocks the conventions he me be held liable. [On Sunday] Accra Hearts of Oak played Great Olympics. What was the deal? Individuals assembled, individuals broke the door, for what reason would we say we are not additionally remarking about that on?”

His remarks come after the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) and pressing factor bunch, OccupyGhana have requested that the security organizations capture people who spurned the conventions during the memorial service.

Portraying the burial service as an expected very spreader of the destructive viral sickness, the GMA said examinations should rapidly be dispatched into the association and the culprits managed.

“The recollections of the calamitous outcomes of the flood in Covid-19 cases in January-February 2021 including that of numerous lives lost and the pressing factor our medical care framework went under during the flood is new on our brains,” the relationship of clinical specialists and specialists said in an explanation gave and marked together by President Dr Frank Ankobea and General Secretary Dr Justice Yankson.

“The GMA censures such exercises that abuse our conventions and tends to switch every one of the increases made in our battle against Covid-19.

“We approach the law authorization offices to research and manage the coordinators of this and any comparable occasions to fill in as an obstacle to other people who mean to imperil the general soundness of our country.”

OccupyGhana additionally said in a proclamation that “We can’t show a particularly surprising feeling of foolishness and surrender during circumstances such as the present and not anticipate harvesting grievous and perhaps dangerous outcomes.

“We need no updates that by practicing terrible judgment in delivering Aisha Huang, government made a disobedient galamsey populace on all fours annihilation of our water bodies and woods followed until it needed to depend on the illicit and libertarian cure of consuming tractors to attempt to stem the tide of insidious genie released with the arrival of Aisha Huang. Additionally, this dismissal of the law will encourage a few group to treat COVID-19 conventions with scorn and disdain.”

Source: Net2tv

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