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The Little Cow Consulting Limited & Pulse Marketing To Release The ‘Sing Along Ghana’ Album On 25th February 2022

The Little Cow Consulting Limited, in partnership with Pulse Marketing (Ringier Ghana Limited), is releasing a ten-song album, ‘Sing Along Ghana’, that remixes Ghanaian folk songs into modern, easy listening tunes. The album will launch on 25th February to herald and celebrate Ghana’s independence month.

‘Sing Along Ghana’ amalgamates Jama, Simpa, Damba, Agbadza and other Ghanaian music genres to create nostalgic, thick textured songs in English, Ga-Adangme, Ewe, Kasem, Ga, Dagbani and Akan. ‘Sing Along Ghana’ synthesizes live instrumentation of the Gonje, Lunga (talking drum) and modern guitars to produce a mix of upbeat, smooth and distinct tunes that remind you of your childhood or simply leave you a little more curious about the true meanings of the folk songs you knew.

The first single off the album, ‘For My Baby’ by Camidoh, Pearl and Badu, is live on all streaming platforms (Link to song ‘For My Baby’ is a rendition of Ewe lullaby ‘Tuu tuu Gbͻvi as a love song to babies and lovers. The album was produced by Seshi Dotse, who has worked with the likes of Sarkodie on ‘La Borrow’ and Donzy & Kofi Kinaata on ‘Crusade’. Some artistes on the album include Camidoh, Asi Renie, Titi Owusu, JJ Gonami, Naana Blu and 2 Fyngers.

Further details of the album launch will be communicated in due course.

About The Little Cow Consulting Limited

The Little Cow Consulting Limited is an indigenous African full-service marketing agency that helps local and global brands in Africa optimize their value and impact creation potential with unconventional, high-quality end-to-end solutions.

The Little Cow is headquartered in East Legon – Accra, with a regional office in Kigali, Rwanda and an operational presence in Uganda.

For more information, visit

About Pulse Marketing

Pulse Marketing is a part of Pulse, Africa’s leading innovative media company, which informs and engages Africa’s young audience. The Pulse mass media platforms and social media channels reach millions of users monthly in Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Senegal and Uganda and provide expansive media reach to its partners. Pulse Marketing is a 360 degree digital marketing partner, providing comprehensive marketing solutions. Learn more about Pulse Marketing at

About Sing Along Ghana

Sing Along Ghana is a project by the Little Cow Consulting limited in Collaboration with Pulse Marketing to help recreate African folk music into modern contemporary music to showcase the African creative genius to the African youth and the world.

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