Friday, July 12, 2024

Afrobeats- The African Sound That Has Captured Global Ears

Is it okay to conclude that there is one unique African music genre that has done what no genre has done?

There are a lot of music genres in Africa. The ones which crossed over from another continent to ours, the ones which have crossed the African shores to be enjoyed overseas, and those that are being bopped to locally.

In this new era, there is that one genre that is making the world listen. It has been labelled as that constructive sound, West Afica’s very own sound, Africa’s future sound.


Afrobeats has made it possible for African artists to make the best of records, register their songs in top global charts, win outsanding global and local awards, and make sounds that are generally sought for and searched globally.

With Afrobeats, we recorded the first African to have ever graced the BET stage delivering an electric and exceptional performance.
With Afrobeats major music companies like Universal Music, Audiomack, and more have reached the shores of Africa and have grounded themselves here, creating jobs for people and generating revenue for the respective countries they are located in.

If that is not enough, most Afrobeat artists have been featured on top music streaming platforms. The likes of Spotify Equals and Apple Africa Rising have been major promoters of the Afrobeats sound.

Leading the Afrobeats charge are most notable artists from Ghana and Nigeria. Nigeria producing a chunk of these artists and being recognised as the hub of this genre.

Will there be a new emerging sound that will compete? What does the future hold for Afrobeats?

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