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Amal Fashanu To Launch Fashion Foundation In Ghana

Amal Fashanu To Launch Fashion Foundation In Ghana


UK-based television presenter cum fashion designer, Amal Fashanu, is set to launch her maiden African fashion foundation in Ghana to support the fashion and creative arts industry in the country.

The Amal Fashanu foundation is aimed at targeting tertiary and senior high school students who have a passion for globalising their fashion creative works and also encourage them to develop their sense of fashion and entrepreneurial skills.

Speaking to BEATWAVES in an interview, Amal Fashanu said her foundation would seize the opportunity to educate students on the importance of ethical fashion, which encompasses a range of issues from sustainable production practice, eco-friendly issues, moral business practices, and others.

She also added that the foundation, which will be launched this year, would help support the African child to be fashion-oriented to meet the global standard and compete with other brands on the international market.

Amal Fashanu is a famous television presenter, fashion designer, and equality campaigner. In 2012, Amal was invited by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to take part in a summit discussing the issues around equality in football.

She is a host of over five documentaries for the BBC, Channel 4 and has a degree in Communication and Media Studies from Brunel University in London.

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