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Chaos Magic Is Key To Scarlet Witch’s Power In WandaVision

Since the time her initially featuring appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron) Elizabeth Olsen has been credited as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch. Yet, it wasn’t until Episode 8 of WandaVision, named “Beforehand On,” that she was at any point alluded to by that superhuman moniker. (Recollect Jimmy Woo’s vital “not a one,” trade with SWORD Director Tyler Hayward prior in the season when alluding to Wanda’s appealing epithets). Things being what they are, it took a presently uncovered miscreant in Agatha Harkness acquainted with the dull expressions to perceive Wanda’s activities as coming from something many refer to as Chaos Magic. Furthermore, thus, she says, this makes Wanda the Scarlet Witch.

Be that as it may, what the heck is Chaos Magic, in any case? It hasn’t been expressly illuminated at this point in the MCU or in WandaVision, however given that the scene shows that Agatha has at any rate been around managing witchy stuff since the Salem Witch time of 1693, it seems like she’s a really nice hotspot for that sort of thing.

“You have no clue about how hazardous you are. You should be a legend, a being equipped for unconstrained creation. Here you are, utilizing it to make breakfast for supper,” Agatha tells Wanda as she holds her twin children, Billy and Tommy, prisoner with a tether of her purple enchantment. “Your youngsters. Vision. This entire little life you’ve made. This is Chaos Magic, Wanda. Furthermore, that makes you the Scarlet Witch.”

We ought to likewise take note of that while the first Scarlet Witch ensemble from the Marvel Comics—her red outfit total with horned crown—was prodded in Episode 6, Wanda has never worn the outfit appropriately throughout the entire existence of the MCU. In investigating the psyche stone, nonetheless, she positively saw pictures of her future self.


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