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We are heartbroken about the death of our kids. Families —

Relatives of the 12 kids who suffocated while swimming in the ocean in Apam in the Gomoa West District in the Central Region last Sunday say they are on the way to terms with the demise of their kids.

As per them, the information on their passing came to them as an amazement, particularly on the grounds that they couldn’t understand out how the youngsters figured out how to assemble at the sea shore to participate in various types of exercises, including swimming, which brought about the passings.


Apam, the capital of the Gomoa West District, was tossed into a condition of grieving last Sunday when around 20 teens suffocated in the ocean.

Up until this point, 12 dead bodies have been recovered, two young ladies and 10 young men, while two guys were protected.

Around three extra families have educated the police that their youngsters had not gotten back since Sunday.

At the point when the Daily Graphic visited the local area yesterday, it was seen that occupants were all the while lamenting, with some actually thinking that its exceptionally hard to grapple with the occurrence, incomprehensible in the town.

Numerous occupants were seen in bunches actually talking about the occurrence, which has left numerous individuals astounded, as they couldn’t understand how the kids figured out how to draw near to the prohibited zone to engage themselves.

An enormous number individuals were found in dark clothing, with the homes of the expired youngsters getting supporters.

Sunday extraordinary swimming

Data accumulated on the ground showed that a few youngsters in the town and some encompassing networks, matured somewhere in the range of 13 and 17, had, for as long as seven years, organized Sunday uncommon swimming when they collected at the sea shore to participate in different types of diversion, allegedly on the blind spot of the local area.

The youngsters went to the sea shore by means of an unlawful course through a tidal pond on the blind spot of the initiative of the fisher society, along these lines making it for all intents and purposes unthinkable for them to get help when the misfortune struck.

The Daily Graphic additionally accumulated that on that portentous day, the kids swam near a spot thought about consecrated to the local area, which is around two miles from the shore. Tragically, a hefty hurricane cleared them cockeyed, prompting their suffocating.


The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), Mr. Akwesi Agyeman, visited the local area to sympathize with the families and individuals.

He was in the organization of the District Chief Executive for Gomoa West, Mr. Bismark Baisie Nkum, who additionally approached the Chief Fisherman, Nana Kobina Caiquo, and his leader to assemble direct data.

The Central Regional Coordinating Director, Mr. Kingsley Adjei Boahen, along with authorities of the Regional Coordinating Council, additionally visited to sympathize with the dispossessed families.

Mr. Agyeman said the episode was preventable and encouraged Ghanaians to cling to the restriction on exercises at the sea shores to keep such misfortunes from repeating.

Mr. Nkum said that the District Security Council was all the while drawing in families to close the memorial service courses of action, adding that “the get together will attempt to help the families to guarantee fruitful internments”.

Nana Caiquo demonstrated that the episode was the first to happen in the town, and that the elderly folks would strengthen sharpening on the restriction to keep youngsters from going into the ocean.

Guardians disheartened

Madam Aya Kwansima, whose 14-year-old girl, prominently known as Adjovi, was among the expired, told the Daily Graphic that they were home together when Adjovi went out, subsequent to turning down a solicitation to attempt a task.

She conceded seeing her little girl go out without uncovering where her she was going, just for news to contact her at night that her little girl, alongside others, had suffocated.

Madam Kwansima said Adjovi’s body was washed aground last Monday night and she went with different relations to recognize it before it was passed on to the funeral home.

Another parent, Ms. Ama Akyere, whose 14-year-old kid was a casualty, noticed that she had lost an incredible child who upheld her in the selling of fish for the upkeep of the family.

She said her child ventured out from home around 4 p.m. to pick his garments from the drying lines, however didn’t return, just for data to contact him that he and others had swam and suffocated.

Ms. Akyere clarified that her child’s dead body was washed aground last Monday night, and after ID, it was taken to the mortuary.

“I can’t take the information on the demise of my child; it is hard for me to keep down my tears, since I have lost a solid column,” she said, in the midst of wails.

“As I address you I have a ton of fish to sell, some of which has begun turning sour because of the demise of my child,” she added.

Madam Esi Maama, another parent, who couldn’t get a hold of herself, said her 14-year-old child educated her that he planned to play football, in the wake of declining to take dinner, which was prepared.

The demise of the kid, she said, was a major hit to the family.

Madam Efua Arthur, another parent, portrayed her expired 13-year-old child as an exceptionally conscious and restrained youngster who might be missed by the family. Apam sea shore suffocating; 12 bodies recovered.

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