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Health Ministry to react to charges of over-evaluated Sputnik immunization

Health Ministry to react to charges of over-evaluated Sputnik immunization

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has uncovered it will at the appropriate time react to charges encompassing the acquisition of Sputnik immunizations into the country.

The Ministry, in an articulation endorsed by its Head of Public Relations, Elorm Ametepe, said it will likewise detail measures associated with the acquirement of the antibodies.

The assertion didn’t, anyway express a particular course of events.

This returns on the of charges that the Ministry secured the antibodies through a go between which was overrated.

The Ranking Member on Parliament’s Health Committee, Kwabena Mintah Akandoh who addressed JoyNews, Tuesday, June 8, blamed some state authorities for misusing the public authority’s battle against the pandemic.

As per him, Ghana is buying Sputnik antibodies that cost $10 per portion at a cost of $19 per portion.

His remark follows a Norwegian Newspaper, VG report, that uncovered that the Ghanaian authorities are addressing practically twofold the market cost in securing some Sputnik antibodies.

The report additionally uncovered that the Norwegian Police is on a manhunt for one of the delegates who arranged the arrangement on the charges of monetary wrongdoing.

Asking the general population to ignore the report which has turned into a web sensation, the Health Ministry guaranteed it will before long present current realities about the cycles.

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