Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Hubtel Accra offices get complete makeover – See videos & photos

Ghana’s leading indigenous technology company, Hubtel has completed an interior design makeover of its head offices in Kokomlemle, Accra.

In a tweet to announce the completion and re-opening, the company proudly announced that “We’ve completed a makeover of our Accra offices. A creative work environment always inspires great user care experiences.

In addition to the most modern and appealing looks, the improvement to its working spaces has also enabled the company to meet several regulatory and international certification requirements as a Payment Services Provider. As part of the facelift, several improvements have been made to the floor plans, making room for workspaces such as offices for operations staff, staff lounge, conference rooms, collaboration rooms, a media room, a games room, a gym, kitchenettes and a cafeteria with a bar.

In an internal communication to staff, the company’s Facility Manager, Mr. Henry Armah, stated that it is the aim of the management of the company to ensure a serene, functional, and practical space for all teams, saying “… the core of our business operations revolves around creativity and innovation that benefits customers, so the improved working environment provides us all with the peace of mind and creative flexibility we need to perform more efficiently and productively.”

In an interview, Mr. Armah also said that, “the recent pandemic has altered our way of work in so many ways. The positive fallout of this is that our facilities have had to be able to support work from home as well as work from the office. We believe this makeover gives us a working space that is fit for both.”

He continued that, “for starters our new spaces support hot-desking very well, and operates as a mini tech campus – very similar to what you will find in the developed markets such as Silicon Valley, etc. The office is also acoustically improved to handle noise and echo-cancellation, so that staff working via video calls are able to have a better sound quality experience.”

With the photos and videos shared, Hubtel offices have become arguably the largest and most functional office spaces among all the local technology start-ups operating in Ghana.

Find photos below:

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