Friday, July 12, 2024

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah tests positive for HIV/AIDS on camera

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah publicly tested positive for HIV/AIDS today on Facebook live cam.

The news speculating about her children status with attacks from some members in the political circles encouraged her to take this bold step to prove her haters and doubters wrong. Unfortunately, things did not go as expected as the results from the test proved that she is indeed HIV/AIDS positive.

The first test conducted at Cocoa Clinic confirmed her to be positive. The test today by doctors also confirmed her to be positive. Joyce is a mother of 3 children and currently lives in Germany with her alleged baby Daddy, Mr Steven. The children tested negative from both tests.

Formerly, HIV/AIDS ambassador denied her status and said she is negative. She retracted her initial diagnosis because people ridiculed her family after news broke about living with HIV.

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