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Kuami Eugene in trouble over stolen lyrics; chased by Roro

This may not be the first time Kuami Eugene is in the news over ‘stolen’ lyrics but this is the first time a Music Producer is chasing him for royalties as Kuami Eugene failed to seek the consent of the artiste and his management when he sampled some lyrics on his popular ‘Dollar on you’ song.

Renowned Sound Engineer and Music Producer, Roro has revealed on Kumasi-based Pure FM’s popular ‘Hammer Time’ entertainment program that he has been in touch with Lynx entertainment over Kuami Eugene’s ‘Dollar on you’ track in which the artist sampled the melody and lyrics of the late Prophet Seth Frimpong’s ‘okumcholla’ song.

He stated that as a Producer of the song, he owns royalties on it and he felt disrespected when Kuami Eugene didn’t notify him before sampling the lyrics emphasizing that, he Kuami Eugene and his Manager, Richie Mensah should have known better.

“Richie and Kuami should know better. I felt the disrespect when I had to rather contact them myself over this. I have been in touch with them and they have agreed to share royalties with us over the song.

Sampling someone’s lyrics is not bad as you even contribute in reviving the song especially when the artist is big but when you do it without the consent of the artist or management, that’s disrespectful and wrong and until someone sues an artist for a huge amount, this practice will continue. We need to do the right thing.” He told host, Hammer Nti on the ‘Hammer Time’ program

Roro however cautioned Kuami Eugene to desist from sampling people song without their consent as it could land him into a huge mess one day.

Artist like Adane Best and others have in the time past accused Kuami Eugene for ‘stealing’ their lyrics and melodies without giving credit or notifying them beforehand.



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