Monday, May 20, 2024

Leaving Stonebwoy’s Camp Brought Me Money And Fame – Kelvyn Boy Reveals

Past endorser of Bhim Nation, Kelvyn Boy has revealed his exit from Bhim Nation brought him sure results.

The singer in a new meeting revealed how leaving the record mark wound up giving him certain results rather than negative as acknowledged by many.

He said this during a meeting with Doreen Avio, when he was asked what was the impact of leaving Bhim Nation or has it affected him in at any rate.

He seriously said his exit put him on the map, it made people need to see him and it caused him to acquire money, hence the exit had affected him in a positive way instead of pessimistic.

“No… . it never influenced my music… . at the point when that thing happened is the point at which I exploded… . is when gotta d’money… .. is the point at which I saw cash… . at the point when individuals needed to see me… . at the point when that thing occurred… .. that made me Kelvyn Boy”


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