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Muntaka retaliates to Sammy Gyamfi, saying, “We don’t serve the NDC, we represent our constituents.”

Muntaka Mubarak, the Chief Whip for the Minority in Parliament has reminded Sammy Gyamfi, the National Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress that public interest should consistently overshadow that of the party’s.

“I would prefer not to go into the legitimacy or fault of the gathering interest. In the event that we don’t take care party governmental issues will overwhelm our own qualities and constitution and our public interest,” Muntaka revealed to Adom FM.

This is after Sammy Gyamfi blamed him and the administration for the minority of propelling their parochial interest to the detriment of the party’s.

“Some have sold their heart yet our own is flawless. Furthermore, we can cooperate to reconstruct the gathering from the cinders of 3 March 2021, which I call ‘Dark Wednesday’ – our day of self-delivered disgrace,” Mr Gyamfi said in the post, adding: “This is the ideal opportunity for us to demand the correct changes in the administration of the NDC bunch in parliament or disregard them totally.”

“The current administration have lost their ethical position to lead and are not fit to sit on the front seat of the NDC side of the house. All the more significantly,” he noticed, “it’s no time like the present we comprehended that we don’t have any NDC Speaker of Parliament”.

“No, we don’t!” he focused, regarding Mr Bagbin, griping: “We have a Speaker who rode on the rear of the NDC into office to seek after his own parochial plan and that’s it. You confide in them at your own danger,” he cautioned individuals and allies of the NDC.

Yet, Muntaka says the need of parliamentarians is to do the offering of their constituents which incorporates individuals from every one of the ideological groups and not simply the NDC.

He says that in the foundation of parliament, the requests of a specific gathering are treated as a suggestion and when it conflicts with the public interest, it is basic that MPs place the country over their gathering.

He reminds Sammy Gyamfi again that when he made the vow of office, it was a promise to maintain the constitution of the country and not the constitution of the NDC.

“Each individual from parliament made a solemn vow to maintain the constitution. The order of each individual from parliament invades his gathering. The order of each individual from parliament is over the interest of the gathering in light of the fact that after the political decision you don’t just address the gathering yet everybody in your voting public. Your gathering is only one leg so anything from your gathering is only an exhortation. You ought to recollect that the buck stops with you the MP.”

“You made a solemn vow to your own still, small voice and qualities. As a Whip, one of my obligations is to get everybody to value the situation of the gathering and to have the option to factor it yet an official choice lies with each part,” he said.

Muntaka turns into the second NDC part in parliament to react to Sammy Gyamfi after Speaker Alban Bagbin.

Babgin in an Accra FM meet told the NDC Communications Officer that he addresses the whole Ghanaian people and not simply the NDC in his present job.

“Presently, I don’t have a place with any gathering. I’m Speaker of Ghana. I’m not a Speaker of NPP. I’m not a Speaker of NDC. I’m Speaker of Ghana. What’s more, I should hold the equilibrium. In this way, choice taking; no. My obligation is to guarantee that there’s an in any event, battleground and the choice is taken and I declare it. That is all,” he clarified his job.

“Also, along these lines, on the off chance that you plunk down and take a gander at me and think that possibly you were my sweetheart before [and, therefore] I should give you a benefit over another whom I’ve never met, please, at that point don’t come to me; you will not get it. We should complete; after work, we can do that business together. Not when I’m working. That is my tendency; that is the manner by which I’ve been up to this time and, thus, it’s deplorable that these things are going on,” he said.

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