Thursday, July 18, 2024

Save before you start to borrow when your shine dims – Joey B advises


Rapper Joey B has advised his colleagues to cultivate the habit of saving because they may not enjoy their reign forever.

He believes that artistes do not reign forever and what will save you the hustle is the fact that you are able to save some money when your time comes.

To him, people who don’t save during their time are the ones who face difficulties and have to resort to borrowing and public plea to survive the harsh economy.

Joey B made this known through a tweet he shared saying “artiste come artiste go, save money before you start dey borrow”.

Over the years it has been the case that creatives in the country have had to resort to begging for alms to keep body and soul together after years of popularity.

This has become worrying as the current generation want to do anything to ensure that they do not find themselves in the same soup when they are of age.

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