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We Will Announce Election Results 24 Hours After Voting Closes – Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission has said it will ensure that results of the 2020 December polls are released 24 hours after voting closes.

Dr Serebour Quaicoe, the Director of Electoral Services, in an interview with Mamavi Owusu Aboagye on Joy New’s AM Show, Thursday said plans are underway to ensure there is no undue delay 24 hours after polls close.

“All things being equal, we are hoping that before we go to bed on the 8th of December, we would have come out with the presidential results,” he said. Electoral Commission to declare results 24 hours after voting. 

According to him, just like the 2016 elections, “we will use the manual transmission” in this year’s election.

“The polling stations will submit the results to the constituency, the constituency will send their results to the region and the region will fax the results to us,” he clarified.

Dr Serebour Quaicoe said provisions have been made to curtail challenges with getting electoral materials back from some remote areas.

“In the constituencies, they either use motorbikes, boat or canoes, some use ‘aboboya’, so each district have their own plan to achieve the target,” he stated.

“They have submitted their request in terms of logistics and we are working on them,” he added.  

The EC Director said the Commission is hopeful the various constituencies will work within time as planned to enable the outfit accomplished its target.

“We are expecting that before you go to bed on the December 7, the district and constituencies should have completed their work and when that is done by mid, on December 8, the information should be hitting the head office,” he said.

He said, “One thing that we have introduced for the 2020 election which is captured in the CI 127 is that we also do regional collation”.

“So instead of the head office doing collation of 275 results, we will only do 16 results so the regions will do their collation,” he explained.

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