Saturday, July 13, 2024

Young Rob Lets Loose New Party Cracker ‘Let’s Party’ | LISTEN HERE

Celebration is what Young Rob’s exciting new single is all about and with the Summer holidays still running hot, why not step out and shake off some heat? Stream or download ‘Let’s Party’ across all major digital platforms here: https://ditto.fm/lets-party-young-rob

The new Summer anthem to go hand-in-hand with his previous release ‘Freakiana’ – ‘Let’s Party’ plays exactly like the synonyms you’d anticipate for such a title or song. It sounds very fun, with producer Regah’s supercharged synths giving no room to think otherwise. It’s one cracker of an EDM song that swells into a limitless fiesta. Just as a spaceship slammed into hyperdrive, so does ‘Let’s Party’ fling listeners into a world of beaming melodies at warp speed!

Next to some cheery lyrics (of course), which have Young Rob chip in a reference long-serving party aficionado’s won’t break a sweat recalling: ‘’Like Donae’o, we gon’ party hard”. ‘Let’s Party’ is the new song from Young Rob to help you shake off some heat this Summer.

It’s a good show of the multi-genre UK-based Ghanaian artist’s versatility – one we’re confident will place his new number among Summer ‘22’s hottest.

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